At The Crawshaw Law Firm, PLLC my commitment is to ensure that you get fair and aggressive representation when you are facing drug charges, DWI charges or battling to get your driving rights restored.

I represent clients in San Antonio, TX, South Texas and statewide at each stage of their legal challenges; I start when you are arrested and will not rest until you are free of the system. This means when you are on probation, need an appeal filed or when you simply need help getting your driving rights restored, I will be there.

My practice is focused on specific matters including DWI charges, drug charges, asset forfeitures and probation violations. I know how criminal charges impact your family and your future and will fight tirelessly to defend you. You need an attorney who understands the laws of Texas and will defend you aggressively.

When you are facing drug possession charges, DWI charges or a probation violation, or if you need help getting your driving privileges back, contact The Crawshaw Law Firm, PLLC at (210) 595-1553. I represent clients all over the state of Texas including South Texas and in the San Antonio area.